The Most Hilarious Engineering Memes

Memes are hilarious images that pass funny messages across to its audience. The average meme can be sexist, a little rude, or even out of place but if it gets its intended audience laughing it means the job has been done. With the above in mind, an open-mind is required to enjoy the top engineering memes that most engineering students will understand.

Engineering Memes

Girls in Business School vs. Engineering School

The somewhat masculine nature of engineering school is the background behind this meme. The meme is also a bit sexist as it expects women to be more feminine in a certain way. With that being said, here is why this engineering meme is quite funny.

In business school, the average girl dresses the part and her schedule allows for a little partying here and there. In engineering school, the reverse is the case. First and foremost, there are generally very few women in engineering classes, and when girls actually participate the schedule can be brutal on their psyche. Engineering girls end up looking like Chuck Norris because they don’t have time to tend to beautification activities nor have fun.

Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics

For first-year students coming straight from high school, advanced calculus can be a culture shock as you quickly realize you may not be as intelligent as you thought. So, for the first year, the grind is real, tougher, and anxiety-inducing. Little do you know that the future holds even much more difficult subjects that need to be crunched.

In your sophomore year, enter Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics, as well as, the laboratory work that comes with these courses. Once you survive Thermodynamics and are introduced to fluid mechanics you quickly realize that in life things can always get more difficult than it currently is.

Cramming for Finals

The general recommendation when reading for an exam is to read to understand the topic. With complete understanding comes the ability to answer any question no matter how complex they are. In engineering, this is also true in theory but in practical, complete understanding is a myth. So, Engineering students turn to cramming formulas and specific answers to specific questions with the hope of coming across something similar during the finals.

This engineering meme shows that even when cramming, solving some questions is still above reach. Thus, to feel good about yourself and to build up your false self-confidence it’s best to assume that certain questions do not exist.

Your Homework is 3 Questions

Engineering school is one of the few places where 3 questions may mean 9 or 10 questions in total as each question comes with multiple brothers and sisters. For people who hate extracurricular work, which is most engineering studentsthe inclusion of sub-questions is always infuriating.

This engineering meme highlights the fact that there is more to life and problems always come in multiples. It also shows that the average engineering question always comes with follow ups. This schooling experience prepares you to always look out for surprises when handling tasks.

If you’re Not Tired, You’re Not Doing it Right

An engineering student is always tired. That is his or her default state of being. This innate tiredness is caused by a combination of factors that include too much homework, a whole lot of expectations, and the difficulty of engineering as a course of study. The ‘tired engineering meme’ showcase the stress students go through in one picture. Saggy eye, not too clean shirts, a tie that has seen better days, and I bet deadbeat shoes on his feet.

The engineer’s journey is one of effort but you can only smile or frown when going through it because the graduates claim it is worth it in the end.

Nights are more productive than days

When do you do your best reading? Yes, in the night as every other engineering student you will ever come across. This phenomenon may be due to how tiring the day time can be with the lectures and daily hustle of life. Thus, like vampires with sharp eyes brightened by energy drinks, the student plans to ace every test.

This engineering meme showcase the bright eyes of every engineering student as it shines at night. You can also tell all is not well with the student as he ponders what the future holds for him. He is also awkwardly dressed for reading which ones again highlights the fashion sense of the average engineering student.

Why AC current passes through a Capacitor

Everyone has their learning or cramming idiosyncrasies and patterns. For some engineering students, goofy pictures and engineering memes may just help you remember the basics of electrical engineering. This is what this meme intends to accomplish. Its position with respect to AC current is true and you may have wondered why you never thought about this before.

You haven’t thought about this before because you’re obviously too tired to think outside the box. But hey, that’s the life you chose! So, don’t grumble or worry, simply suck it up and go read your books.

How bad is your pain?

The popular saying about engineers thinking in figures is the premise of this engineering meme. So, what’s your personal answer to the question how bad is your pain? Infinity, I guess. In this meme, the great engineering student believes Pi is the only fraction on earth that can qualify his pain.

The engineering meme also highlights the fact that most engineering students are in pain, indescribable pain for the most part and that sadly is the life of the average engineering student.

Every Group Project

The lazy engineering student loves group assignments, the average engineering student likes group assignments, the excellent engineering student hates group assignments. Why? you may ask? This engineering meme tells you why. Every group project pits the good, the bad, and the ugly together. This has always been the case since Leonardo Da Vinci went to school.

So what does the lazy student do? He or she disappears at the very beginning of the project or has no idea about what’s going on. The assignment will finally be done by the good student while everyone shares in his or her glory.

Thinking Vs. Doing

The idealistic engineering student thinks of conquering the world like Leonardo Da Vinci with his innovations, making the big bucks like Elon Musk, and redefining commercialization like Henry Ford but the reality of executing big ideas in many cases dampens these dreams.

This engineering meme describes the disconnect between daydreaming and putting in the actual work. It can also be viewed in a positive light as a reminder that achieving great things take a lot of effort which is the life of the average engineer.

Adding another programming language to your CV

How many programming languages ​​does an engineer need to function properly in the real world? Your guess is as good as mine because we all believe solid knowledge of one should be enough. In the real world, the working world where one must compete with colleagues to stay in the game, one programming language does not cut it. So what does the average engineering graduate do? He or she looks for the shortest route to adding more languages ​​to their CV.

This engineering meme highlights the power that comes with writing ‘Hello World’ with a new program. For most engineers, successfully doing this means with more effort they could easily master the new programming language. So, why not simply include it in your CV because whenever you’re ready, you’ll be great at it?

Changing a light bulb

As an engineer, if you do not blow your own horns and hype your abilities, no one will do that for you. This is why the LinkedIn page of the average engineer is filled with glorious technical terms showcasing great work but in reality, some projects are as straightforward as changing a light bulb. So, how would you describe changing a light bulb in professional terms?

This engineering meme perfectly answers the question and it tells you reducing cost and ensuring safety is in the future of every engineer. So, successfully changing the light bulb becomes upgrading illumination systems at zero cost and with zero safety incidents.

My code does not work

The stories about intuitive compilers that intelligently help you edit and get your code to work are all great on paper until you actually run into problems. Then nothing works in that moment. Not the intuitive compiler, not your brain or even the internet which is the king of all resources. So, what do you do? Simply run the code again hoping against all logic that it runs without hitches and 10 out of 10 times this doesn’t work!

This engineering meme is an ode to the difficulties with debugging your codes. It doesn’t even take into account the challenges of debugging another person’s code because that is an astronomical task every engineer runs from. But once again, this is the life you chose and to deal with these situation simply seek some inspiration from the earlier meme about ‘thinking vs doing’.

First-time Engineer

Can Homer Simpson the great technical officer in Mr. Burns’s Nuclear facility be considered an engineer? I think not but his iconic destruction of a simulation station is one of the great moments of TV and showcase what newly graduated engineering students face in the workplace. As a first-time engineer, you quickly realize everything you’ve learned is largely theoretical, and applying them in the real world requires practical experience.

This engineering meme is a perfect illustration for the average engineer’s performance at this or her first job. It also highlights the fact that senior engineers are excited to look on while seeing you struggle for a short while before stepping in to save the day.

The professor who ruined your life

Engineering educators or professors are definitely a different breed of teachers. They take the need for students to pursue self-helping solutions a bit too literal for the average engineering student’s liking. This is why what you’re taught versus what comes out in your final exams are generally a world apart from one another.

With the angst you come out with from your finals, this meme describes what you could do to that professor that put in minimal teaching effort but expects you to answer questions like Einstein.


Engineering is fun. There’s something truly satisfying seeing what you built, developed or programmed with your hands coming to life. Although these engineering memes show the frustrations many go through, only a few engineers regret their choice of study.

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